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Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt: Terrorist Acts and States of Emergency

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Im Rahmen des Forschungskolloquiums des Institutes für Wirtschaftswissenschaften wird Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt (Universität Hamburg) am 12. Dezember 2017 einen Vortrag an der Universität Freiburg halten.

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Wann 12.12.2017
von 11:00 bis 13:00
Wo 2330
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The relationship between terrorist activities and emergency constitutions has never been explored systematically. This paper is a first step to change that. We first inquire into the determinants that trigger the declaration of a state of emergency subsequent to a terrorist attack and take first steps to evaluate the effectiveness of emergency constitutions in preventing further attacks. It turns out that countries already under a state of emergency are more likely to suffer from terrorist incidents challenging the effectiveness of emergency declarations. We also find evidence suggesting that emergency constitutions reflect the historical threat environment. Confining the models to democratic countries only, we find that a strong civil society is significantly correlated with fewer terrorist events. Finally, emergencies are less likely to be declared in election years, supposedly because governments believe them to be unpopular, and more likely to be declared when the emergency constitutions simultaneously makes it easy to declare and allocates substantial additional powers to the executive.
Once a state of emergency is declared, it in general leads to substantially more government repression.

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